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The Harbor

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In a world of 3D reality, perceived in 2D we dwell,
The canvas before us, depth, and perception it tells.
Higher I gaze, farther horizons unfurl,
Lower I see, closeness envelops like a swirl.

In this revelation, beauty unfolds its grace,
At the harbor’s edge, skyward I trace,
Only blue, stars faintly gleam as dusk falls behind,
A gentle canvas where nature’s hues entwined.

Lowering sight, clouds blush like a painter’s brush,
Sky-houses, scattered light, in twilight’s hush.
Across the harbor, evergreens stand tall,
Roots deep in earth, reaching skyward to call.

A subtle glance alters the view’s refrain,
Hotels, boats, towers, where nature’s art wanes,
Dollar signs mask the once pristine shore,
Where waves roll and crash, nature’s rhythm core.

In the corner, a lone cross stands on an isle,
Heart swells in solitude, thoughts beguile,
Amidst life’s hustle, where dollar signs fade,
Children play, laughter echoes, innocence portrayed.

First dates, hand in hand, new love’s tender sway,
Magic in moments, perfection in display.
A violin’s melody fills the evening air,
Echoes of those who walked before, a shared affair.

Living in a 3D world, through a 2D gaze we see,
Money, beauty, echoes of humanity.
Yet in this tapestry, both shadow and light,
A canvas of life, in its beauty and in its plight.

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