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Reborn Again

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I tried and tried, yet failed anew,
Failure, both enemy and friend in view.
But only foes before me stood,
Ego’s grip, misfortune’s hood.

Years vanished, like water in a fiery pan,
Till I glimpsed a stranger in the mirror’s span.
Hatred and resentment, my constant coil,
Seeing the con artist soar, my blood did boil.

Broken, yet a strength unseen,
Whiskey and woman, their allure keen.
But left a void, a darkness deep,
Consumed by the world’s wicked sweep.

Then, beneath the sky’s expanse I lay,
Drunken, lost, in shadows gray.
Neighbors’ stares, as I lay prone,
Ensnared by failures I’d ever known.

So, recalling Hemingway’s sage,
“Just one true line,” a turning page.
The truest line, I ever wrote,
“Life’s a game, each twist and coat.”

A light awakened within, a soul’s warm embrace,
A white illumination filled, revealing grace.
Purpose claimed, in the divine whisper,
Guided by a purpose, ever crisper.

God spoke, “This is your path, my child,
Speak through me, truth undefiled.
Connect to me, the universe’s hum,
Together, we are forever one.”

I’ll move the mountains, that bar your way,
Grant your desires, night and day.
For you are my child, in me reside,
 Purpose found, no longer to hide.

So, I face the mountain, across the vale,
Chisel in hand, determination’s sail.
One boulder at a time, with joy anew,
God’s promise, steadfast and true.

For he dwells within, my guiding light,
This world, mine to claim, in his sight.
With a mission clear, I press on unfelled,
God within, my destiny swelled.



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