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I am A King

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I stand tall, a king without crown,

 Shoulders back, head held high, 

Though pockets empty, spirit unbound, 

With a regal stride, I pass each passerby.


My attire bears the marks of time, 

Tattered yet fitting, I wear them with pride,

 Crooked teeth, stained with life’s grime, 

In every imperfection, my strength resides.


Through overcast skies, the sun still gleams, 

A beacon of hope in the darkest of alleys,

 Where dreams lie dormant, in broken seams, 

Yet within me, a kingdom rallies.


Unseen by those lost in their pursuits, 

I reign supreme in my sovereignty, 

For in my heart, no doubt pollutes, 

The world is mine, in its entirety.


So heed my decree, hear my decreeing,

 I am a king, though unrecognized, 

My realm stretches far, my spirit unyielding, 

In every step forward, my kingdom realized.

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